Oil Tank Replacement

Tim Woolley Plumbing is fully OFTEC registered so are fully authorised to carry out works on oil fired systems which is good news for our customers due to the fact that many of the villages that surround Market Harborough are not on mains gas therefore rely solely on oil fired systems to provide their heating needs.

Eventually your oil tank will need replacing and we can help. We can transfer your oil into a holding tank remove and dispose of your redundant tank replacing it with a new plastic one or custom steel fabricated tank. 

We will then prepare a brand new concrete base if required or give your current one a health check and that it still complies with current regulations. We will then prepare a firewall where necessary so new pipe work can be installed either above or below ground level and fire valves fitted, oil can then be replaced and your boiler re-commissioned.

Important Information

Most domestic oil tanks can be of single skin construction but in some circumstances to comply with current legislation they need to be bunded if:

  • They are within 10 metres of a controlled water course i.e. Stream, river etc.
  • Within 50 metres of a bore hole or spring.
  • Where a spillage could run into a drain or loose fitting manhole cover.
  • If the vent pipe is not visible from the fill point, as in an offset fill.
  • Any other potential hazard to the individual site.

Building Regulations part 1. Single family dwellings where the heating system does not exceed 45 kW and storage does not exceed 3500 litres the tanks require:

  • Fireproof base extending 300mm outside the tank on all sides except the side next to an approved type of building or boundary wall, or a fire screen wall. If located more than 1.8 metres from a building or 760mm from a boundary – no other protection.
  • Any combustible eaves within 1.8 metres of the top of the tank, and for a further distance of 300mm on each side must be given 30 minutes fire resistance.
  • Any part of the tank within 1.8 metres of an opening in a building wall must be protected by a 30 minute fire screen wall. Small openings such as airbricks do not count as openings requiring protection.
  • Any part of the tank next to a wall with a resistance to internal fire of less than 30 minutes must be protected by a 30 minute fire screen wall.
As you can see above there is a lot of regulations designed to protect you and your family, we understand it all so you can be absolutely certain that the work we carry out is the very best.

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