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Having a liquid fuel-fired appliance serviced regularly helps to keep it operating efficiently. This reduces fuel bills and saves money on costly call out fees for unexpected breakdowns.

It is recommended that appliances and equipment are serviced at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer. Without regular servicing, the efficiency and reliability of a liquid fuel-fired appliance will be affected for many reasons including:

  • Excessive smoke and partially burnt fuel deposits can cause soot to form within the appliance heat exchanger. This restricts the amount of heat that can be transferred into the heating system water. The cleaner the heat exchanger, the more efficient the appliance will be!
  • Fuel nozzles regulate how much fuel passes through the burner. The nozzles are consumable items that wear over time, affecting combustion and lowering boiler efficiency. If they are not replaced this may cause “sooting up” of the heat exchanger due to too much fuel passing through the burner.
  • Fuel pumps contaminated with debris and/or water can cause premature failure.
  • Photocells can glaze over with deposits. Photocells are an important safety feature which detect whether the appliance has lit. If a photocell is dirty it may not be able to detect the burner flame correctly and could cause the appliance to shut down randomly. Appliances frequently switching on and off will be less efficient than those running for longer periods.
  • Electrodes can wear and attract soot and deposits. Electrodes produce a spark to light the fuel, if they are worn or in poor condition the appliance may not light. Again, this causes inconvenience, inefficiency and increases fuel cost.

I am OFTEC Registered (14439), fully insured and most importantly I am customer focused and pride myself in being honest, fair, friendly and offering the best advice for you.  But don’t just take my word for it, we are 5-star rated on Google.

Our Oil Boiler Services are very thorough, taking around 1 hour to complete and include:

    • Inspect Oil Storage Tank
    • Replace oil filter element
    • Check operation of remote fire valve
    • Fully remove & clean baffles and clean fire-box of soot deposits
    • Replace burner nozzle
    • Replace flexible oil line* (if expiry date is before next service/An additional cost applies)
    • Clean & Set ignition electrodes
    • Inspect flue (where accessible).
    • Set oil pump pressure
    • Analyse and Set combustion mixture
    • Check emergency shut-off safety function
    • Provide full OFTEC service report
    • Leave area clean and tidy

Please note: ​*An additional flexible oil line (used with TigerLoop installations) is not included within the ‘fixed price’ and is a chargeable item.

Occasionally fire valves do fail when tested. Unfortunately, fitting a replacement is not covered in the service cost. ​

If I find anything that I think needs attention I will tell you. I will always give you my best advice regarding faults and/or repairs and where possible advise you of the different options available, helping you to make the best decision for You.

Do you know your responsibilities regarding storing heating oil? This short video explains.

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If you’re installing an oil-fired boiler or need a boiler checked or repaired, you should always use an OFTEC-registered technician. OFTEC maintains a register of trained and assessed technicians who are qualified to work safely with oil-fired appliances in the UK.

Our OFTEC registration number is: 14439

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